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Woo Knew.

Apr 6, 2022

“I like to describe [Human Design] as the permission slip you always wanted but never needed in the first place to be exactly who you are.”

The day before we recorded this episode, we received a partnership Human Design reading from Yvonne Chung.

She is a Dream Architect, Self-Love Mentor, and Empowerment Coach here to help soul-missioned leaders unlock the unique medicine they are here to share with the world. She uses her education in Positive Psychology and training to help heart-led, impact-driven women of color and children of immigrants transform their inherited stories around "success" so they can create lives of deep fulfillment and have the impact they know they can have.

Yvonne shared her journey into coaching and into Human Design with us as we discussed the beauty of this complex system that shows us we are all meant to be differentiated expressions of Source.

Find out more about Yvonne on Instagram at @yvnchng. Her Human Design Masterclass is launching April 20, 2022. The group coaching program she and Ellen are collaborating on is called Unlocked, launching in June.