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Woo Knew.

Jan 29, 2020

We were not prepared for how powerful our first experiences with Primordial Sound Healing Meditation would be. We went deep with Mecca Elliot of Weightless Meditation – a meditation therapist and instructor in Studio City. Her story of healing a life-threatening autoimmune disease through meditation had our jaws on...

Jan 23, 2020

In this bonus episode, Sam and Ellen share their recent experience at the FLOW: RENEW energy healing day retreat for women of color. While Sam focused on releasing her anxiety around her impending move, Ellen learned that in order to surrender, she first needed to know how to receive.

This event was organized by the...

Jan 22, 2020

Sam and Ellen sit down with LA-based artist and tarot reader Caris Reid of Luminous Palm. The week after leaving their careers back in 2018, Sam and Ellen went to Joshua Tree to vision out their new brand Daughters. That week, they received illuminating readings with Caris that kickstarted their new entrepreneurial...

Jan 15, 2020

Ellen and Sam spend an hour talking psychedelics with Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin, the two co-founders of DoubleBlind Magazine, a biannual print magazine and media company covering timely, untold stories about the expansion of psychedelics around the globe.

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Jan 9, 2020

Sam and Ellen sit down with LA-based tarot reader Sofie Lyddon of Wild Wisdoms to talk about her unique approach in combining the ancient wisdom of tarot with practical modern wellness practices.

Book sessions with Sofie at Or find her on instagram at @wildwisdoms.