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Woo Knew.

Jun 7, 2022

Bea Chan is a community builder, mental health advocate and personal growth enthusiast.

  • Creator of the Liberated Leader Podcast – where interesting conversations with leaders in the psychedelic space are held.
  • Co-Founder of Sisters In Psychedelics – a growing sisterhood of educators and advocates of intentional psychedelic use from all walks of life. (Upcoming Sisters in Psychedelics Summit in Sept 2022)
  • Founder of AKITA - 'A Kick In The Ass' Agency – the first (and only) consultancy that specializes in helping female psychedelic coaches.
  • Founder of the Psychedelic Business Mastermind – an integration circle for your business where we share, inspire and keep each other accountable while we realize our goals in 6 short weeks!

This conversation was an inspiring, eye-opening dive into the journey Bea has taken to answer the call to serve the psychedelic community. 

We discuss perspectives on earning money in this healing space, and the unexpected trauma-healing work of business coaching in helping facilitators face their fears of being seen.