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Woo Knew.

May 31, 2022

Anjuli Sherin is the author of "Joyous Resilience" and a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in somatic therapy, trauma healing, resilience building, and cultivating joy. She has spent 15 years working specifically with immigrant, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim and LGBTQi communities.

This was a deeply emotional and divinely-timed conversation as we discussed the cycle of suffering roles that we experience individually and at the societal level – The Vulnerable Self, the Inner Critic, and the Neglector – and what joyous resilience really means and looks like when we discover our inner Nurturer, Protector, Resilient Self and Soul Self. 

We also dive into how healing work and social justice intersect and why it is imperative for collective healing that we extend our focus and efforts beyond just our individual therapy into questioning and dismantling systems of oppression that affect us all.

Learn more about Anjuli's work at and on IG @anjulisherinmft. She offers nine free meditations that you can access on her site.