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Woo Knew.

Sep 24, 2021

Lisa Wimberger is the creator of Neurosculpting®, a trademarked process of meditation involving five easy steps to relax the body while focusing the mind for stress regulation, pattern rewiring, and performance optimization. With Jody Levy (ep 61), she co-created the NeuroPraxis App, a series of meditation modules that support wellness, calm, and daily balance.

Lisa created this modality out of her own personal desperate need to heal her trauma. On her 15th birthday, she was struck by lightning, which sent her already present freeze trauma response into overdrive. She began to have life-threatening seizures in which she would flatline and go through excruciating resuscitations. During her last episode, she vowed to find a solution as she knew she would not make it back if it occurred again.

This prompted her deep dive into the world of neuroscience education. The result was the creation of Neurosculpting®, a form of meditation that targeted an unknown trigger for her condition and rehearsed a new script so she could circumvent another episode. 

Lisa's story floored us. And her explanation of how Neurosculpting® works made us realize just how revolutionary this modality is, and how relevant it is as a tool for our current climate rampant with fear, anxiety and stress.

Find out more about Lisa and Neurosculpting® at and on Instagram @neurosculpting. Download the NeuroPraxis app here.