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Woo Knew.

Nov 24, 2021

We are so excited to share this episode with you after having a blast talking all things cannabis with Ellen Scanlon, host and cofounder of the "How To Do the Pot" Podcast.

She interviews diverse, modern women about their remarkable experiences with cannabis, recommending the essential strains for women, and sharing the latest research on the psychological and physical benefits of the plant. But what makes this former investment professional and health advocate jump out of bed every morning is her overarching mission to empower women to make more informed choices about their health and well-being. Having released over 100 episodes on everything from sleep to sex, as well as a twice monthly newsletter that reaches tens of thousands of loyal readers, it’s clear that Ellen’s work is striking a chord with the many women curious about cannabis.

We talked about...

  • Cannabis and endometriosis
  • Hemp vs Cannabis-derived CBD
  • THC vs CBD serums that enhance sex for women
  • How to select a strain to use for sex
  • The truth behind sativas/indicas/hybrids and why you should go by feel instead
  • Cannabis and women's cycles
  • Potency issues of legal weed
  • How Cannabis helps with stress, rest and sleep

This is a jam-packed hour of helpful information to guide you into a more conscious relationship with Cannabis.

Find out more about How To Do the Pot Podcast on their website and on instagram @dothepot and @ellenleescanlon.