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Woo Knew.

Oct 2, 2019

“Reiki doesn’t erase the trauma. It doesn’t erase the pain. What it does is it allows us to be in a sweeter relationship with it, and so that we’re not constantly battling it and it’s not taking us out on a daily basis.” - Syd Yang, reiki master and teacher


We were so moved by Syd’s story of how reiki found her. She’s the author of “Release: A Bulimia Story,” a memoir recounting her personal story of finding healing from emotional abuse, bullying, racism and self-hatred. This was one of the most emotional and open conversations we have had up to date, one that hit deeply and ignited our own interests in reiki. 


Syd’s practice is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Instagram: @bluejaguarlove and @releasebulimia