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Woo Knew.

Dec 21, 2022

Ayako (AYA-ko) Monsell has been known affectionately known on socials as @MyHempFairy since they’d hand out CBD samples around the Southern Paiute area of the Las Vegas cannabis industry. Since then, they’ve used their background in public health to provide scientific education for over 5,000 of those interested in medical cannabis licenses or support from all over the US & even other countries.

Their goal is to advocate for others to be a smart consumer & aware of what to expect out of products. Currently they offer additional psychedelic education with a continued focus on science. In their free time, Ayako enjoys music and Asian studies from bunka embroidery to feng shui. They are also very spiritually attuned with gifts such as mediumship & clairaudience.

In this episode, Ayako shared the complicated history and politics of Cannabis, the bliss molecule anandamide and how it relates to Cannabis, the difference between CBD and CBN, and how the specific terpenes Myrcene and Pinene can help support meditation practices.

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