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Woo Knew.

May 3, 2023

This week's episode is so divinely timed with the upcoming Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on Friday, May 5th. We had the honor of sitting down with Inez Singletary, an astrologer who is also versed in Qabalah and Tarot, creator of Many Moons Astrology, and mentor to our dear friend TanyaMarck.


Inez explains how an eclipse is connected to the north and south nodes, and guides us through the transits for our upcoming Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. She helps us understand the collective energies coming up this week, how we can work with the nodes to receive guidance, and how these transits are inviting us to call our power back through deeper connection with our ancestors.


Inez also did a reading for both of us to help illustrate some of the energies we're moving through. We were both blown away at how seen and validated we felt in receiving Inez's wisdom. It felt like she'd been intimately walking with us since the beginning of this eclipse season. And our charts were great examples of how impactful the eclipse energies can be--calling us to let go, stretch, grow, and expand.


If you'd like to learn more about Inez and work with her, you can connect with her online at

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Inez Singletary is an astrologer who is also versed in Qabalah and Tarot. She interprets your chart as a mediator between you and the cosmos by holding the chart up as a mirror that helps you see where you’ve been and where you are going. She doesn’t tell your fortune, she helps you to hear, see and shape your fortune.


Inez came to astrology more than 40 years ago and views it as her faithful companion, counselor, mirror, and guide. She has written new and full moon counsels twice a month, for the past 35 years, missing none of them!


Inez is the author of Making What Your Means Can’t Buy, a treatise on resourcefully living a life that gives you life. She also enjoys making and facilitating multi-media art for its meditative, expressive and restorative properties.