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Woo Knew.

Oct 6, 2021

Katie Schomberg is the Rosewater Healer. She's a modern medicine woman, a psychic, intuitive, guide and creator of The Healing Farm, a small farm-to-apothecary healing experience in the Smokey Mountains. More than just a cultivation of plants, it's a healing container and a transformative space where you can let go and be free to learn to live authentically. 

She shared her personal story of healing and reclamation with us, demonstrating that returning home is an inside > out process, that we have to go internal and begin to feel in order to remember who we are. 

Katie's journey into herblism and holistic wellness, utilizing medical astrology and her gifts of one-on-one guidance through her Complete Woman program to help women walk home, inspire us to our cores. Ellen just received her first Medicine Box packed with herbal goodies and tools to support her this autumn – the love felt through these herbal products is deep. And Katie's personalized flower essences and teas show us a new way to look at what it means to hold space, to be present for another.

We talked about what it means to truly let go, to surrender, and how that one lesson seems to be THE lesson to learn in this lifetime.

Learn more about Katie and her Healing Farm at and on instagram @_thehealingfarm.