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Woo Knew.

Aug 25, 2021

Our jaws were on the floor as we heard Ashley Easter tell her story of growing up in a fundamentalist Baptist family and homeschooled under the Christian Patriarchy, Quiverfull and Stay At Home Daughter movements.

Guided by her strength and intuition, she was able to survive and escape the cults she had been indoctrinated in, and is now an empowerment coach and trained abuse victim advocate, and founder of The Courage Conference, an internationally attended abuse survivor conference. She is also the Vice President of "Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests," the largest and oldest clergy sexual abuse victim advocacy organization.

Ashley's story of surviving a religious fundamentalist cult hit us both so deeply as we recognized cult-like behavior in so many non-religious organizations – corporations, social groups, families, and particularly the spiritual community, where many teachers are treated as untouchable and unquestionable gurus that can do no wrong. And Ashley is passionate about teaching others how to identify, connect with, and listen to their intuition so that they can develop greater discernment when it comes to the choices that they make in their lives from business to personal relationships.

Ashley's FREE Intuitive AF workshop is August 30 - September 1, 2021. Sign up on her site – Her site also contains free helpful content like her ebooks "Cults in Plain Sight" and "5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship." Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleyeaster.