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Woo Knew.

Mar 15, 2022

Calling all lightworkers and seekers who are ready to divest from a capitalistic, commodified spirituality and step into one that centers ancient wisdom and our innate Divinity. We met Leena Lemos last year when we interviewed her about her book "Dear Luna Wilde: A Mother's Journey to Self-Discovery, Spiritual Awakenings, and a Sh*t Ton of Healing."

We have since joined her community House of Enlightenedhood – a spiritual cooperative building the New Earth, committed to "shifting to a new paradigm that rewilds spirituality and brings it back to what it was meant to be about all along – our innate connection with the Divine. Oh and love, lots of love."

Leena shares her vision for this community and the upcoming "Remember Who the F*ck You Are" 6-day virtual summit, running from March 25 - 25, 2022, which we are honored to be co-facilitating.

Our listeners receive $45 off the ticket price for the summit with code IREMEMBER.

Learn more at and @enlightenedhood on IG.