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Woo Knew.

Sep 14, 2022

Content warning: This conversation discusses suicidal feelings. Please exercise discernment when listening.

The founder of Microdosify, a Canadian microdosing company, is a suicide survivor turned entrepreneur on a mission to bring psychedelic healing to the world. After overcoming two decades of depression with the help of psychedelic mushrooms and his dedication to self-improvement, he founded Microdosify to help fulfill his mission and share his story. 

This was one of the most vulnerable conversations we have ever had on this show. He shared his backstory that led to the creation of Microdosify – physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse, drug dealing, incarceration, and his miraculous survival through multiple attempts to end his life.

"If you had not gone through everything that you had gone through, would you still be the same person you are today, pursuing what you are doing today? Like if I didn’t go to prison, if I had no concept of what law and order and consequences was, would you have the courage to pursue Microdosify how you are now? And I’m like no, I probably wouldn’t."

Find out more about Microdosify at Follow them on Instagram @microdosify2.0.

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