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Woo Knew.

Jul 30, 2021

Hara Arayama is a Pleasure Embodiment Coach and wow, this convo opened us up so much.

Hara works with women & the gender expansive community to birth a life governed by love, pleasure and abundance. 

They walk hand in hand with clients as they shed societal conditioning, shame, guilt and false beliefs around their bodies, pleasure and sexuality.

Formerly a burnt out registered nurse they have embraced their gifts to live in radiant alignment. 

They hold spaces through offering sacred sexuality, shadow work, conscious boundary, intimacy and embodiment rituals to help clients fully reclaim their birthright to pleasure and abundance. 

We covered...

  • How Hara learned compassion as a sex worker 
  • What we can learn about boundaries from the BDSM community
  • The connection between burn-out and elusive orgasms
  • The true power of sexual empowerment
  • Higher dimensional connection through the body
  • Embracing the dark void of the Womb
  • Hara's newest Sacred Seductrix and Monarch Temple offerings to support 

Learn more about Hara and find her offerings at and on instagram