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Woo Knew.

Jun 13, 2023

In deep gratitude, we reflect on one of our most powerful conversations yet with Sania Khan, a Liberation Artist-Alchemist, Elemental Somatics Guide, Futurist and Multimodal Storyteller, where we explore what it means to live embodied futures. Sania's work centers around safety in the body and accessing the limitless creativity, joy, pleasure, sensuality, and imagination that are vibrating within us so that our inherent wisdom and cosmic knowingness can be shared with the world with full integrity. 

This week we learn about Sania's work and how she guides others through a journey of somatic reconnection to safely come back into their bodies in order to understand their energetic experiences beyond the confines of language. 

“What I'm doing in my practice is merely giving language to, in my own unique way, the practices that have existed long before me, practices that care to be in right relationship with the natural world, with the unseen world.”

Through embodied futurism, a concept rooted in intergenerational healing and collective liberation, Sania walks with others to explore the depths of ancestral trauma and memories etched within their bodies to discover the transformative power of embracing our authentic selves. We reflect on moments in our personal journeys where we embraced unconventional choices, and explore the link between the profound power of sacred deviance and the liberation that arises from breaking away from normative structures. 

In this very sacred and divinely inspired episode, it becomes undeniably clear that Sania's work is ushering the world forward into a new and liberated future. A future where we're fully embodied and in right relation with ourselves and the world around us, wholly connected to the ancient wisdom of the past, and the future we want to create. 

“As you soften into your expansion, I just want you to be able to rest in the knowing that you're supported not only by other souls who want to experience you in your sovereignty and expansion and will celebrate you for exactly that. You are also held and supported by your benevolent ancestors, both human and cosmic. You're supported by this ecology that you're within and surrounded by this ecosystem of, again, the natural world, the unseen world that also wants the best for you. You're ultimately supported by this most vast, infinite energy that is our reason for being here, that also wants the best for you.”

Learn more about Sania’s work and connect on IG at @heysaniakhan.