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Woo Knew.

Mar 9, 2022

"What are some simple ways that you can begin to put a framework, a design, to your life? And it certainly does begin with your language, with your words. What are your words?"

Sheri Salata is a transformation doula, founder and CEO of the Support System, a private membership group for awesome women dedicated to creating real life transformation, and

and Salata + Co, her personal development company offering acclaimed courses + retreats around the world. 

The Universe reconnected us with Sheri last year after having met and worked with her years ago when we were in our digital agency careers. Back then, Sheri was the President of OWN, having spent 20 years working with Oprah on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Sheri shared how reaching the pinnacle of her career made her acknowledge her disconnection to self and kickstarted her self-healing journey, how writing her memoir made her face her truth, how she learned to be tender and compassionate with herself, how her desire to connect at the soul-level led her to create her Support System, and how she began manifesting her "some day" list, bringing her travel dreams into a reality.

This conversation is jam-packed with wisdom and holds an invitation to witness the magic that happens when we step into our quantum power to truly design our lives.

Take Sheri's FREE Design Your Life 5-Day Course. Find out more about Sheri and join her Support System at Follow her on IG @sherisalata.