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Woo Knew.

Mar 1, 2023

We're so excited to be kicking off this season with Angelica Sievers! Angelica is a bodyworker and wellness business owner located in Long Beach, California. She provides a safe space for women to soften and her intention is to create more love, flow, compassion, consciousness and healing within the community. She offers bodywork, energy healing and root healing sessions. And she believes through softening we can decolonize our bodies, connect to our intuition and truly heal.

“Our bodies know how to make space for all those different emotions and let them move through us and then eventually release. Our bodies know how. And when the brain and the headspace wants to get so involved in that process because ego or control or fear or whatever, that’s when we run into that overthinking or shutting down or you know what I mean. So it’s really just putting the trust in our body’s innate wisdom.”

In this episode, Angelica tells us about her journey and why she decided to move away from the traditional Western model of therapy to help others. We talk about what it means to decolonize our bodies, and how she supports her clients in a process of reconnecting with their bodies to understand what the root cause of their physical and emotional experiences is so they can truly heal.

If you would like to learn more about Angelica's offerings and work with her, you can find her online at and connect with her on IG @sieverswellness .