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Woo Knew.

Mar 8, 2023

We’re so honored to share this week’s episode with TanyaMarck Oviedo (they/them)! TanyaMarck (lovingly nicknamed TM) is a beautiful soul and friend. They are the founder and alchemist of Vamanos, a breathwork and meditation facilitator, an intuitive practitioner, a medicine person, a witch, and a person in recovery. 

Sometimes we're not aware of how the universe is guiding us in the moment, but in looking back on the synchrinicities it becomes clear there are no coincidences. And that's what makes this conversation so special for all of us. Our connection is an incredible reflection of the gifts we receive from the universe when we embark upon our healing journeys.  

This week TM takes us back to the start of their journey and how the universe began planting seeds for their healing in 2010. Through a series of control+alt+delete moments, they accepted the invitation to examine their experiences in education and 12-step recovery, and began to explore who they are outside of those systems.

TM’s journey is a profound representation of what’s possible when we’re open to receive guidance from the universe. Through sharing their experiences, we explore the process of shedding and letting go of what’s no longer aligned. We get to see how those experiences create space to call in healing, community, magic, and the tools that can help us move through life's challenges while cultivating deep spiritual connections.

“I do feel very passionately that considering all of the ctrl+alt+deletes that keep happening all the time around us, that our greatest gift is to respond with magic and modeling and guiding, from a place of love and compassion and understanding.”

Our conversation with TM is a really beautiful reminder that healing is a process of constant growth. It teaches us how to use our gifts of discernment, intuition, and intention in order to stay in alignment with ourselves, and to cultivate deep connections to the land, the plants and animals, our ancestors, and the world around us around us. You don’t want to miss this week’s episode! 

Connect with TanyaMarck IG at @tanyamarck and learn more about their offerings online at

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2023 Retreat Update 🙏❤️🙏

We’re so excited to announce our first medicine retreat, Land is Body is Land, a sensory celebration of embodiment. Join us May 23rd-28th in Playa Azul, Costa Rica!

On this retreat, we'll give ourselves permission to slow down and learn the languages of frequency and sensation. We’ll reconnect our senses and give ourselves space to feel, move and express. And we’ll reconnect to the land that sustains our bodies, learning to commune with the spirits of Nature and the Earth. We believe that healing happens in community and relationship, so we’ll be visiting a biodynamic farm, deepening our sacred relationship with food. And we'll be journeying through breathwork, receiving sound and energy healing, and journeying with the sacred mushroom.

If you’d like to learn more, visit and if you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the intake form on our site. We hope to welcome you into our circle.