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Woo Knew.

Sep 2, 2021

Jody Levy is an artist, maker, designer, investor and entrepreneur. She's the founder and chief of WTRMLN WTR, the NeuroPraxis App and The Milk Cleanse. Each of her products was conceived through a personal need, and showcases her intuitive problem-solving abilities, as well as her heart.

Jody's unique story of contracting Lyme Disease and toxic mold poisoning led her down a self-motivated healing journey in which she explored countless modalities and treatments to heal her body. Her life changed when she encountered a treatment involving Ayurvedic herbs and milk that eliminated the debilitating symptoms she had been dealing with.

Her transformation inspired The Milk Cleanse. This was soon followed by the NeuroPraxis app she co-created with NeuroSculpting founder Lisa Wimberger, featuring NeuroSculpting modules specific for overcoming pain, PTSD, stress, and symptoms associated with Biotoxic exposure including Lyme Disease, Mold disease, viruses, parasites, and more.

We were so inspired hearing how Jody approached her healing through intuitive problem-solving, applying her entrepreneurial spirit to her health. Her message to us all is that we each hold the keys to our health and wellness through the freedom of our own discernment.

Follow Jody on instagram at @nativenomad.

Learn more about the Milk Cleanse at and on ig at @themilkcleanse.

Learn more about the NeuroPraxis app at and on ig at @neuro.praxis. Download the app here. Check out FREE modules on Soundcloud.