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Woo Knew.

Aug 11, 2021

How do you define "rest" and "restfulness"? Ours is culture that glorifies the hustle and burnout heroism. A culture that glorifies the myth that the harder you work, the more you gain. And then we wake up to find ourselves in an empty loop of workaholism, stress and growing dissatisfaction.

Flory Huang is the creator of The Rested Revolution, which "rejects both burnout culture glamorized as The Hustle and the colonial capitalist harm fixated on productivity and output at the cost of the whole humxn." She is a creator, guide and facilitator certified as a professional mindfulness teacher, restorative yoga teacher, conscious energy medicine worker and former personal training coach.  

We talked about...

  • The psyche behind burnout
  • Redefining rest and restfulness
  • Responsibility of corporate leaders to shift burnout culture
  • Using modalities like mindfulness, meditation, energy medicine and restorative yoga to regulate your body 
  • Using divination tools like the I-Ching to receive wisdom
  • The connection between restlessness and the colonization of the Reiki practice in the West

We received so much potent wisdom from this conversation with Flory. To find out more about Flory and her work, join the Rested Revolution at and follow @the.rested.revolution on Instagram.