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Woo Knew.

Apr 27, 2023

There are so many things I’m grateful for on this journey, but walking alongside @tripwithellen on her journey and witnessing her transformation has been a deeply profound honor. In this week’s episode, I received the gift of interviewing Ellen about her recent experience at the End of Life Training by @going_with_grace .  


In our conversation, Ellen reflects that some experiences, no matter how short, are life changing. And I could feel this truth resonating so deeply for her. Ellen’s reflection takes us on a journey with grief, and fear as our co-pilot. She welcomes them in, and invites us to find new ways to hold and walk with them, so that we can receive their greatest gift: Falling in Love with Life. 


“I just realized it’s not in those crazy peak experiences that we’re always searching for that makes life worth living. It’s all these tiny little moments that are found in the everyday. Like literally waking up and seeing the sun outside. Or maybe not seeing the sun but seeing fog outside. I mean, that’s just as beautiful and mysterious and fascinating, you know? 


Just being in this body and being in every moment is enough.”


Through this experience Ellen has connected with her soul purpose and it’s been an honor to witness. Ellen is a Shandong/Taiwanese-American psychedelic death doula who guides medicine journeys, breathwork, sound and somatic root healing. She companions people to face their fears and journey through death portals so that they can live and die, free.


She is a resident facilitator for DoubleBlind Magazine, and co-creator of the “Woo Knew.” Podcast.


Learn more about working with Ellen at and connect with her on IG at @tripwithellen .


Ep. 95 Becoming a Psychedelic Death Doula streaming now on Apple and Spotify.




Learn more about the End of Life Training by Going with Grace at and connect with them on IG at @going_with_grace .


Going with Grace is an organization that “exists to support people as they answer the question ‘What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die gracefully?’ and to support family members in completing the affairs of their loved one’s life after a death.” 

Going with Grace is founded by Alua Arthur, death doula and recovering lawyer.